Widow Jane

Whiskey with an Empire State of Mind


Widow Jane Distillery

In the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn you will find our artisanal distillery, as well as the warehousing, aging, barreling, blending and bottling done in-house. We share our home with our sister company, Cacao Prieto which makes simply  some of the finest organic chocolate in the world. Please learn more about the delights of chocolate making here

At the heart of our production is our pot still and unusual serial continuous distillation columns. Designed by our founder these stills develop a remarkable flavor in whiskey and enable us to find liquids that express the ultimate subtleties of the individual corn varietals and grains that we use.

Come and see us. We organize public and private tours on a daily basis and love nothing more than to share our space and our passion for whiskey with good friends.