Widow Jane

Small Batch Whiskey - Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY


Bourbon Whiskey & Ryes

10 Year Bourbon A.jpg

Widow Jane 10 Yr Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Widow Jane 10 is aged a minimum of 10 years which we hold to be close to perfection. Many people tell us that the Widow drinks more like a 20 year old thanks to a depth & complexity that is highly unusual even for its age. On the nose people find ripe fruits, cream, and toffee. The front delivers black cherry, the mid-point orange leading to a long long finish with spice & cinnamon. Altogether a remarkable Bourbon of which we are justifiably proud.

Aroma: Butter, Cream, Toffee
Front: Cherry Wood, Olive Oil
Mid: Orange
Finish: Burnt Orange & Spice
After Glow: Cinnamon & Light Tannins

12 Year Bourbon Private Barrel.jpg

Widow Jane 12 Year 99 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Some say that Widow Jane 12 represents a deeper darker side to the Widow. This 99 proof single barrel Bourbon is selected from some of our favorite casks that show special promise. Definitely more intense, more complex and with dark fruits, crème brulee, and a creamy finsh.

Aroma: Dark Woods, Molasses
Front: Black Cherry, Mineral Oil, Tobacco
Mid: Sweet Spices
Finish: Thick Cream, Burnt Oak
After Glow: Concentrated Tannin, Leather

American Oak Rye.jpg

Whiskey Distilled from a Rye Mash -American Oak Aged

When rye comes off the still it is sweet, grassy, and floral. A traditional “spicy” characteristic all come from the barrel. With this whiskey, our goal was to lightly oak and round out the the rye distillate in our once-used 10-year bourbon barrels with added fresh cut oak  staves.  

This is a light, tropical “summer” rye and makes for some great cocktails. A good bitter, or a splash of vermouth or ginger beer goes a long way.   

Aroma: Cardamom, Rum Raisin, Pineapple
Front: Vanilla, Clover, Orange, Maple
Mid: Smoked, Almond, Apricot
Finish: White Pepper, Basswood

Applewood Rye.jpg


From the same starting point as our Oak Rye aged in a once-used 10-year bourbon barrel, we wanted to extend the flavor profile of our rye distillate into a new profile, that would make a soothing and fruity rye compared to traditional ryes. To do so we add fresh cut Applewood Staves alongside the oak.

Nose: Apple Cider Donuts, Tobacco
Taste: Bitter Sweet Smoke, Light Anise
Finish: Crisp Apple, Demerara Sugar


10 Year Bourbon 50 ML.jpg
American Oak Rye 50 ML.jpg

Heirloom Baby Jane Bourbon.jpg

Baby Jane Heirloom Bourbon WHiskey

Our pride and joy. Baby Jane is created from our own non-GMO corn that was deliberately created by the hybridization of our two favorites Bloody Butcher & Wapsie Valley into a new varietal that we created ourselves in upstate New York.

For five years and through repeated growing cycles we hand sifted the seed corn to create a remarkable raw material for our favorite heirloom Bourbon.

Baby Jane has an extraordinary depth of color, with savory notes from Bloody Butcher, sweeter notes from Wapsie and a remarkable vegetal complexity that is unique. Awarded World’s Best Bourbon under 2 years old and Gold Best in Show for an American Craft Whiskey under 2 years we are proud of Baby Jane and can’t wait to see what further maturity will bring.

Nose:  White Tea, Red Currant, Kettle Corn
Taste: Tart Cherry, Cornbread, Gingersnap
Finish: Rum Rasin, Apricot, Allspice

Non-GMO Heirloom Varietals

Heirloom Bloody Butcher High Rye.jpg

Bloody Butcher High Rye Bourbon Whiskey

Organic, farm-to-bottle, using no genetically modified corns, grains, yeasts, or enzymes. Distilled in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Mash Bill 58% Organic Dark Red Endosperm Corn, 15% Heirloom Barley, 27% Rye. 

Nose: Cacao, Sandalwood, Cedar, Leather
Taste: Sharp Apricot, Toasted Marshmallows, Cardamom, Candied Apples
Finish: Salted Peanuts, Grilled Honeyed Peaches, Dates

Bloody Butcher Bourbon Whiskey

Organic, farm-to-bottle, using no genetically modified corns, grains, yeasts, or enzymes. Distilled in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Mash Bill 85% Organic Dark Red Endosperm Corn, 15% Heirloom Barley.

Nose: Sweet Oak, Graham Cracker
Taste: Vanilla, Dry Up Front, Bright, Allspice
Finish: Tannic, Sharp, Tobacco, Molasses, Oak

Heirloom Wapsie Valley High Rye.jpg

Wapsie Valley Bourbon Whiskey

Organic, farm-to-bottle, using no genetically modified corns, grains, yeasts, or enzymes. Distilled in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Mash Bill 60% Organic Mixed yellow and Red Endosperm Corn, 15% Heirloom Barley, 25% Rye.

Nose: Almond, Maple, Chocolate
Taste: Pralines, Orange, Bergamot
Finish: Honey, Nutmeg

CHOCOLATE MALT Bourbon Whiskey

The Chocolate Malt Bourbon uses a chocolate malted barley to achieve its dark chocolate and mole flavors. This malted grain is rounded out by the sweetness of the Wapsie Valley Corn and a touch of Rye. 

Nose: Carob, Dark Chocolate, Burnt Caramel
Taste: Smoked Peppers, Mole, Ground Almond
Finish: Dry, Toasted Oak


HOPI BLUE Bourbon Whiskey

This Hopi Blue Bourbon is for someone looking for a flavor that is completely different. This bourbon sticks out as it embraces a the bright Hopi Blue corn varietal.

NOSE: Toffee, Brown Sugar, Clove
TASTE: Earthy, Farro, Polenta, Popcorn
FINISH: Tart Cherry, Buttermilk


Packaged in a beautiful wood cigar box from our friends at Nat Sherman, this small batch of bourbon is available in extremely limited quantities. We are proud to share with you the fruits of our labor: New York State grown farm-to-bottle distillations of mixed yellow and red endosperm corns.

100% Organic, Non GMO ingredients. Pre order now before we sell out! 

Four Bottle Cigar Box: Featuring Bloody Butcher, Bloody Butcher High Rye, Wapsie Valley, and the new Chocolate Malted Barley Bourbon.  

Five Bottle Cigar Box: Features all of the above plus a varied mystery bottle of yet to be released Widow Jane. This secret pot luck stash is the only way to access Widow Jane Distillery’s prized small batch distillations. 


900-1000 Dregs.jpg

Widow Jane Dregs

Our whiskeys are bottled by racking off single  barrels. We stop short of the last inch when emptying as there is too much charcoal and sediment. These whiskey dregs are collected into a glass demijane.

When we received our new bottling line we decided to test on the Dregs demijane of Widow Jane barrels 1-100.  Our beautiful new machine proudly spit out the bottles with the labels upside down...We laughed and chalked it up to technological progress and set a new tradition for us. Every 100 barrels the dregs are bottled upside down in a limited release of up to only 100 bottles. 

Our founder said we make such incredibly smooth whiskey, sometimes he feels nostalgic for a hot whiskey he remembers in his youth. When you are in the mood for something bolder this is the bottle to go for.