Widow Jane

Whiskey with an Empire State of Mind



Our job is simple - to create and curate whiskies that bring you an intensity of flavor, a variety, and a style that reflect our beloved home.

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We distill every week in Red Hook using the finest non-GMO ingredients, including corn varietals such as Baby Jane that are unique to us and that we have nurtured over many years.

We also scour the country for the finest barrels of Bourbon and bring these to you with no chill filtration, at high proof and cut with our unique Limestone water from the Rosendale mines of upstate New York.


This pure limestone filtered water has an unusually high mineral content that enhances the natural flavors in our spirits. These very same mines supplied the cement that built New York and America itself, and can be found in the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the White House to name but three.

Come and see us in Brooklyn, where you may find us distilling, proofing, experimenting with new mash bills, or endlessly discussing improving our whiskies.