Widow Jane

Small Batch Whiskey - Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY


Widow Jane Distillery & Cacao Prieto Chocolate Factory

Cacao Prieto is an Artisan Distillery and produces bean-to-bar chocolate made fresh daily from the finest organic, single origin Dominican Cacao and distills a line of small batch, cacao-based liqueurs and rums.

But, look closer and it becomes clear that Cacao Prieto is a crucial meeting place of ideas, of traditions, of dreams and technology. It is a place, finally, where the creation of delicious chocolate and liquor resonates with an idealistic sense of purpose stating that making one thing the right way might just makes the world a better place.

All Cacao Prieto products are sourced from organic cacao beans and organic sugars from the Dominican Republic — making Cacao Prieto vertically integrated and single-origin from the farm to the finished product. From pods to beans; from bars to bon bons; from hard science to the ethereal joy of tasting high quality chocolate, Cacao Prieto’s trailblazing methods link the best of the New and Old Worlds to re-define the manufacture, the processing and, of course, the pleasures of chocolate, liqueurs and rums.